BEKINA Thermolite Winter Polyurethane Boots (Z090)

Regular price $ 170.00 CAD

BEKINA Thermolite Winter Boots, a durable, long-lasting, cold insulation, polyurethane boots that are 40% lighter than rubber or PVC, and remains flexible to -50°C/-58°F Thermo-insulating: keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Ideal for use in the fish processing industry.

NEW models of BEKINA boots - "Thermolite" with: 
1 & 2 - Protective non-metallic toe cap and midsole,
3 - Kick-off spur
4 - Anti-clogging soles for added slip resistance - Free ergonomic insoles - included!

SAFETY STANDARDS: CSA Z195-14 Class #1 Composite toe and midsole CSA Omega - Electric Short Resistant 18kV


Permanent Laser Marking on request - FREE OF CHARGE!
* Laser-marked boots are not replaceable and refundable!