OzoneOn External Cashido 10 Second Machine (O3-EX)

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The best home on-demand chemical-free sanitizer!
OzoneOn External the 10 Second Machine is an Ozone Generated Machine that turns tap water into ozonated water. It is developed to mount on a home faucet. Ozonated water will kill microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and remove pesticides in only 10 seconds. The device has an automatic switcher to make Ozonated water on demand. Install easily to your home faucet. 
Perfect for your home hygiene!

  • washing & sanitizing: hands, fruit & vegetables, dishes, kid’s toys, tables, floor,...
  • removing odor and prevent mold to build up in sink drains.

Benefits : 

  • Eliminate Viruses & Bacteria on food and surfaces: Ozone reacts directly and quickly with the pathogens and destroys them.
  • Removes Pesticides: Ozone breakdown of pesticides and remove them from the surface of vegetables and fruit including berries and grapes. 
  • Keep Food Fresh: Broadens the life of natural products, vegetables, meat, and blossoms by 2-3 times.

10 Second Machine Hand Washing Test

 Ozonated Water Keeps Fruit Fresh

 Ozonated Water  Keeps Flowers Fresh